as2con, a brand of Alveus d.o.o., is a development and application company, providing engineering solutions in the maritime and offshore industries. as2con initiated activities in 2003 and was founded officially in 2006 in Rijeka, Croatia.

Our mission is to provide optimal solutions for industrial challenges through application of state-of-the-art methods and tools and to provide services in development and market implementation of sustainable technologies in the maritime and offshore industry with the outmost quality and co-creation of value with our clients.

as2con operates according to ISO 9001:2015 quality management system approved by Bureau Veritas. We are gathering a multidisciplinary team of professionals with doctoral and master’s degrees in naval architecture, mechanical engineering, mathematics and in economics.

Ship design

as2con supports complete ship design process, from conceptual to detailed design phase. We have knowledge of ship design process, all types of documentation preparing, linear and non-linear structural analysis and design of crashworthy structures.

We are offering

Contract and basic design in general

Design of offshore fish farms

Design of offshore solar harvesting systems

Concepts of environment-friendly ships

Design of lightweight metal and composite sandwich structures

Design of carbon and glass fibre composite structures

Scrubber installation design

Design of ballast water treatment utilities


Utilizing the latest state of the art methods (FEM) and tools, we provide engineering design and analysis expertise in:

Numerical strength analysis – linear and non-linear, static and dynamic

Collision and grounding analysis

Vibration and noise analyses and measurements

Fatigue assessment

Sea keeping

Intact and damage stability

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Optimization & decision support systems

Risk assessment and consequence modelling


Our team offers expertise in composite patching and overlay technology for repair and reinforcement of damaged structures and pipes using composite materials. The method features application of carbon and glass fibres mixed with epoxy resin/adhesive onto damaged surface.

COMPA Repairs is applicable in

Ships and in their hull and piping systems

FPSO, rigs and other offshore process plants

Onshore plants

Infrastructure, bridges and buildings


Cost-efficient compared to traditional repairs

Safe, no hot works involved

Done during voyage or port operations

Applicable to any shape

Applicable to anything reachable by hand

Durable patch is resistant to osmosis

High-pressures, salt, dust, mud, or liquids do not pose a challenge

Low added weight


as2con actively participates in research and development programmes of the European Union as well as international and regional research projects. We are actively conducting research in the field of structural analysis, engineering design and software and life-cycle processes.

Our team members have or are in the process of achieving doctoral degree and we are actively publishing in internationally refereed journals and conferences. We are aiming at achieving synergy of our theoretical and practical activities.

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